Our undergraduate CURE students learning how to concentrate viruses from the LSU Campus Lake.  It was a fun and beautiful day!
Graduate student and TA extraordinaire, Sophie Jurgensen, teaching undergraduates in our CURE course how to enumerate viral and bacterial abundances in water samples they collected from around the LSU campus.


20180725_143140_resized_1 (1)
Sophie during our first lab sampling expedition in Bayou Fountain (AKA the ditch behind our building). She collected critical samples required to test our shiny new epifluorescence microscope.


We have lab stickers!!!!! Currently resisting the urge to put these on everything.


Our department has a crawfish boil every spring and a shrimp boil every fall.  Soooooo good!


All good lab equipment comes on pallets.  Time to get crafty in how to use these… maybe make a nice table for our much-needed coffee center.


We might just be getting a little crazy with the label maker.


Our lab after unpacking most of our new equipment and supplies.  If a messy lab is a productive lab, then we are super productive right now!