Courses Taught

Marine and Environmental Microbiology (OCS/BIOL 4090)
The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of concepts regarding the characteristics and ecology of microorganisms in our world.  This includes discussion of the methodology used to investigate these microorganisms, and how this methodology is applied to understanding the roles of microorganisms in various marine, estuarine, terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, and human-related environments.  Throughout this course, students will gain an appreciation of how microorganisms rule the planet, affecting every aspect the environment we live in.
This course is cross-listed in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences (OCS) and Biological Sciences (BIOL), and is taught every fall semester.

Winners of the 2018 Golden Virus Trophy in Marine and Environmental Microbiology. This trophy is bestowed upon the group judged by their peers to have the best final exam presentation.


Introduction to Oceanography (OCS 1005)
The purpose of this course is to provide you with an appreciation for the important aspects of the ocean realm. I will introduce you to marine processes in the four fields of Oceanography (geological, chemical, physical and biological) with the goal of broadening your understanding of the oceanic environment. Throughout this course, you will develop an appreciation of the methods of critical thinking and an understanding of how knowledge about the ocean is acquired and applied, as well as how the oceanic environment can affect your lives and how you, in turn, affect the ocean.
While I no longer teach this course, it is taught every semester by many other wonderful instructors.